Boardwalk Empire season 3

3x07: Sunday Best

Imagen para el episodio 3x7: Sunday Best

At Easter Sunday, Gyp joins his family for dinner, goes to church and meets his boss. Richard goes to Julia's house where his father is fighting a drunk man. In the meantime, Margaret, Nucky and the children accept an invitation from Eli.

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3x08: The Pony

Imagen para el episodio 3x8: The Pony

Nucky wants to get rid of the Attorney General, so he makes an ambitious play, and Gillian starts to plan the revenge. Meanwhile, Margaret and Owen travel to the countryside to look for a pony for Emily, when they meet Dr. Mason.

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3x09: The Milkmaid's Lost

Imagen para el episodio 3x9: The Milkmaid's Lost

Nucky recovers from the concussion in a suite at the Ritz Carleton, while thinking to enlist partners in a war against Gyp Rosetti and Joe Masseria. How will his allies react? Meanwhile, Margaret manages a birthday party for Emily when her issues with Owen take an unexpected turn.

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3x10: A Man, a Plan...

Imagen para el episodio 3x10: A Man, a Plan...

Nucky decides to double his efforts down on his war against Gyp and Joe, so he sends emissaries to Chicago to meet Torrio and ask him for help. In the meantime, the bishop disbands Margaret and Mason's classes, so he suggests they finish their classes at a store front.

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3x11: Two Imposters

Imagen para el episodio 3x11: Two Imposters

These is a rough day for Nucky: Margaret and the kids are gone and Eddie needs medical care, while Eli is in Chicago hoping for reinforcements. Nucky meets Chalky, who is still interested in a club on Atlantic City's strip, to look for his protection.

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