Boardwalk Empire season 2

2x02: Ourselves Alone

Imagen para el episodio 2x2: Ourselves Alone

Nucky is concerned about his incipient loss of political power in Atlantic City, so he plans a counterstrike in order to throw light on the treason he suffered. Afterwards, agents break into Nucky's office looking for some incriminating evidence, when Margaret must act to save Thompson's future.

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2x03: A Dangerous Maid

Imagen para el episodio 2x3: A Dangerous Maid

The Commodore uses his connections in the Coast Guard to intercept the shipments of liquor destinated to Atlantic City, pushing Nucky to ask for a political favor in Washington. Meanwhile, Owen tries to prove his worth taking over a package destinated to Steinman.

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2x07: Peg of Old

Imagen para el episodio 2x7: Peg of Old

Margaret travels to Brooklyn to visit her brother, his wife and kids. In the meantime, things get complicated between Eli, Jimmy and Nucky. What will happen? In the other hand, it seems that Van Alden will be displaced from Nucky's federal investigation.

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2x09: Battle of the Century

Imagen para el episodio 2x9: Battle of the Century

Nucky travels to Ireland to bury his father, where he meets John McGarrigle and makes him an offer. Apparently, this man has another deals to favor before he agrees with the treasurer of Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Emily falls ill, Chalky deals with the black wordkers and Jack Dempsey enters the fourth round against Carpentier.

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